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Petly Plan Options

Now Offering Petly Plans – your pet’s comprehensive wellness plan to take care of all of their preventative care needs. These packages were made with your pet in mind, and will be customizable to your pet’s individual needs.


Petly Plans, also known as wellness plans, are a package of all preventative care needed by pets of all ages every year. The care included in these packages includes all vaccines needed by the lifestyle of your pet, routine fecal exams to check for internal parasites, routine dewormers, a yearly heartworm and tick borne disease exposure test, and comprehensive bloodwork yearly. If you are the proud owner of a puppy or kitten, the package can include a spay or neuter surgery. For adult pets, it can also include a yearly dental cleaning under anesthesia to keep teeth healthy, x-rays (one set yearly), heart checks (ECG and blood pressure yearly), and thyroid screening as pets get older.


All Petly Plan members also receive FREE office visits for the term of your plan, no matter the reason (a $62 value every time!) and discounts for all services and medications that are not included on your Petly Plan.


And the best part? You can choose how you would like to pay for your pet’s preventative care. We offer easy options for payment–either you can pay for the whole package in full and benefit from all services for the next year, or you can have your plan’s cost divided into 12 monthly payments that automatically come out of a credit/debit card or your bank account.


Check out our different packages below, and come in for a visit today! We can help establish which plan is perfect for your pet, and can answer any questions.

Puppy/Kitten Petly Plan
Initial Membership Fee
Monthly Payment for Kitten
Monthly Payment for Puppy
Discount Perk on Non-plan Items
Adult Pet Petly Plan
Initial membership fee
Monthly Payment
Discount Perk on non-plan items
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